Traducteur Craftmanship, artwork, know-how? Before being a trade, translation is, in all respects, a matter of quality. Education
A graduated professional translator
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Université de Paris VIII
Master in technical writing/translation specialized in computing, telecommunications and electronics at the Université de Paris VIII

As a 4-year translation degree (BAC +4), Paris VIII D.E.S.U puts the emphasis on practical and real situations of a translator's professional everyday life. Students attend both language courses specific to translation and (technical) writing, and technology courses.
Chambre de commerce franco-britannique
Business English Certificate

Obtaining a degree in business English validates the understanding of commercial concepts both in English and in French, and guarantees a proper writing practice in domains such as marketing.
French Language Assistant (a year)

A perfect mastery of the English language is impossible without a long stay in a country where it is spoken.
INALCO - Sorbonne-Nouvelle
3-year degree in English (Russian as a second language)

In my opinion, translation from English into French is a French (target) language exercise. However, a linguistic mastery and a cultural knowledge of the English-speaking world remain essential to a proper understanding of the source text.