Traducteur Craftmanship, artwork, know-how? Before being a trade, translation is, in all respects, a matter of quality. Domains and customers
An expanding specialization and satisfied customers
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Years of experience would not fit in a single Web page. However, here are a few examples of the domains in which I am specialized and of the customers I work for.
Please note that my competence range is perpetually enlarging thanks to constant documentation and information. Beyond sole technology, I am also able to deal with general matter subjects, particularly press releases and marketing documents.
This would not be complete without the translations done for 
publishers, particularly about the emerging "Web Analytics".
A qualified translator knows how to adapt himself to your requirements and needs.

« I have worked with Tristan for over 5 years, always with excellent results. His work is precise and well crafted, with timely deliveries.  He shows 2 qualities that I as a Project Manager look for: organizational and communication skills. Whenever Tristan is working on a project from any of his clients, he completely dedicates himself to the job - in fact he has no problems rejecting a project if he is fully booked - and the final translation has always shown that dedication. »

R. Castro – Telelingua USA

Editorial contents



Gartner Group / Meta Group / TechTarget Analysis reports, researches, articles, press releases, etc.
Press Thousands of press releases; either technical or general matter documents
CNET, Journal du Net Consumer product tests (cars, digital devices, computing equipment)
Facebook, Yahoo, Lycos Commercial documents and interface localization
Numerous books translated


(General software, development, hardware, CAD, networks, RDBMS, Web, etc.)

IBM > Translation/proofreading: servers, notebooks, software, networks, marketing
> Training: Large systems, BookManager, etc.
> On-site working
Microsoft > MS University courseware: Access, SQL Server,       Proxy Serveur, TCP/IP et Back Office.
> Technical/sales documents
> Press releases
> Web sites
Dell > Translation: Servers, microprocessors, bus, RAID    boards, etc.
> Technical writing: complete in-house                        documentation for the pre-sales department
> Technician: Large account agency (assembling,      testing, configuring and presenting machines)
SDRC, Matra DataVision (Euclid), Autodesk > CAD, online help, terminology management,          courseware
SAP, HP Service Manager, 3Com > Continuous collaboration for several years              (online help, courseware, interface localization,      etc.)
StoneSoft, NetAppliance, Ahmdal, EMC, Fujitsu, Siemens, Oracle, Motorola, etc. Press releases, publishing and updating Web site contents in emergency contexts
Web Analytics Kaushik - Web Analytics 2.0 ; TraceOne - Study of shopping behaviour data
Wombat Information Security Training & Solutions
Unisys Monitoring infrastructure - LVMH RFP
Sandisk Storage devices
Beta Systems Data Center Intelligence, Identity Access Governance


Shaffner, Diagnosys Test and measure instruments
Metcal, Multicore, Chemtech Soldering, electronic component assembling
Ion Systems Electrostatic protection
EMV France Amplifiers
Furuno GPS and navigation devices
Mouser Electronics Component provider - Online store
Toshiba semiconductors Global Web site (Storage & Component)
Rodhe & Schwarz Manufacturer of test and measurement (T&M) equipment for mobile radios and radiocommunications.

Other engineering and industrial domains

Avid Video archive/stream management solutions:  Arte and Groupe M6 requests for quote
CNES Space project engineering standards
Rhodia Green tires
Alsthom Subway equipments, power plants
Mercon & Tyco Onsite safety guidelines for industrial sites
SNET Power plant operating manuals
Solio Solar-powered devices
Schneider Assystem robotic project
Pitney Bowes / Novitex Industrial mail management products and solutions
Bobcat Loaders - Technical training courses
Solutia Safety on chemical plants, safety alerts and near-miss incident reports
Surveillance cameras Networked HD professional systems - Avigilon & Hikvision
Excavators Sumimoto / JCB
Shell Offshore drilling platform
CaseMate, Speckproducts Protection cases for mobile phones
DMG / Mori Seiki Machining equipment (courseware and manuals)
Detica NetReaveal Bank transactions monitoring - Scenario Manager user's guide
Tyrolit Industrial abrasive product line - Web site
Gas industry Air Products / Praxair
Bearing industry Professional solutions - Peer Bearing & NTN
Goss International Printing solutions for the press


MBDA Exocet missile operating and maintenance manuels
Sagem Combat drone operating manuals
TDA Firing systems and ammunitions

Courseware, company communication, human resources
Merck Company newsletter
Alcatel, DMG / Mori Seiki, Bobcat, Wombat Advanced technology courseware
NetG / Forum Commercial courseware
Dale Carnegie Courseware for managing relationships/conflicts within a company
Microsoft Université Advanced technology courseware (Back office)
Flowserve Slides : performance culture, ethical company, export embargo

Sports and physiology

Nielsen Kellerman User's manuals of the SpeedCoach series products
Men's Health Articles about body-building
Concept 2 Technical, educational and marketing documents about indoor rowing and effort physiology
Nautilus Gym club equipments manual
Paramount Fitness Ergocycle interface
WattBike WattBike ergocyle user and maintenance manuals, interface elements, Web site and marketing brochures
Skierg Nordic skiing simulator's web site and marketing brochures

Avaya IP telephony systems
Transpac/Equant International white books and pre-sale documents
Alcatel IP telephony and network hardware
Afnor Telecommunications standards
New domains and specific projects
Berlitz Proofreading of free-lance translators' tests
Law and technical contracts, official reports Alstom - Incident report; La Réserve - Building contract
Photography Several books translated (Scott Kelby's)
Snazaroo Face painting - Contents from the UK Website
Cofely - GDF Suez Datacenter building - Commissioning best practices
Earth Networks Study - Creating Proxy Radar Reflectivity Maps from Total Lighting Data
Video games
Ubisoft Video game The Settlers 6 & 7: Interface, online help, player manual, dialogs and voice synchronization
PlayFirst The Dream Chronicles
BigPoint Maestia

Medical equipment

Philips Echocardiographic system & PET-CT patient wellness
MacoPress Press for blood separation
Thermogenesis Blood plasma freezer
Standards for sterilization
SciFit Sport equipment dedicated to rehabilitation
Diagnostica Stago Hemostasis equipments' manuals
Edwards Lifescience VolumeView, FloTrac, Vigileo, PreSep - Transpulmonary thermodilution, patient's physiological status monitoring
Preventice BodyGuardian monitoring system