Traducteur Craftmanship, artwork, know-how? Before being a trade, translation is, in all respects, a matter of quality. Fair-trade translation
Quality depends on the time spent on the job.
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For a fair translation

Time and quality

Today, translation begins to sell aggressively like a commodity and not like a service; a way of doing business which sounds like a "low cost" practice. However, one cannot obtain a good quality final text without having time spent on it. And this very quality will reflect your company's quality and words to convince. The rate the translator determines corresponds to the time necessary to do the job in good conditions.

A win-win offer

Turning to a free-lance translator or to a pool of translators allows you to suppress middlemen and to access to a win-win offer. You then benefit "directly" from a high editorial quality and from numerous advantages associated to a professional... all this at an optimum rate. So no more hesitation: contact me.

Fair-trade translation