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"Translation prices range from 1 to 10, and while high prices do not necessarily guarantee high quality, we respectfully submit that below a certain level you are unlikely to receive a text that does credit to your company and its products.
If translators are netting little more than a babysitter, they are unlikely to be tracking your market with the attention it deserves."

(SFT - Translation:  getting it right)

Every translation needs a quote

Mainly for two reasons:

A matter of quality and time spent. As explained on the page devoted to fair trade translation, a professional work is, before all, a matter of quality, hence of time spent. And certain translations require more time than others. For example, when translating a marketing brochure, you are required to keep a dynamic style and use attractive sentences, or even slogans. This kind of work will take far more time than the translation of a mobile phone user's manual. In the first case, the translator will spend a lot of time to "weight" every word, whereas the second one will show less style-related issues (but will have its own difficulties).

A matter of media. The second reason is related to the media used. The type of media (more or less readable paper/fax copy or electronic file including plain text or a Web page code, etc.) has a direct influence on the work to be done. Several marketing phrases on PowerPoint slides are far more demanding, in terms of attention and handling, than a simple text in Word.

This explains why, as in craftmanship, translations are rated according to a
clear and precise quote.

Should you require more information or a quote, please do contact me.