Traducteur Craftmanship, artwork, know-how? Before being a trade, translation is, in all respects, a matter of quality. SFT and ethics
A professional vision in a deregulated translation world
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Société française des traducteurs

Member of the SFT

On a deregulated market, choosing a member of the SFT means trusting a translation professional.

If my Web site would not answer your questioning about the translation business in general or my offering in particular, please do consult the Web site of this organization which I support and am member of; the
Société française des traducteurs.

The Société française des traducteurs has written a code of ethics that all its members have signed and respect to guarantee ethics and professionalism by all means.

I suggest you to review the 
SFT's Code of Ethics. It will give you all the answers and guarantees you need about the professional translator whom you will entrust with the task of translating your documents.