Traducteur Craftmanship, artwork, know-how? Before being a trade, translation is, in all respects, a matter of quality. Why a translator?
The advantages of the free-lance translator
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In concrete terms, what kind of advantages can bring you a collaboration with a free-lance translator?

Looking for a translation service? A bit lost? Then first of all, read this practical guide: Translation. Getting It Right. It will give you all the information you need. Feel free to download it.

A free-lance translator is, first of all, an extended professional competence, associated with the unrivaled reactivity and availability of a unique and permanent contact

Moreover, should the volumes to translate be high and/or varied, you benefit from the competence of a
network of reliable collaborators

My activity covers an array of increasingly diversified technical sectors but has been open, for several years already, to marketing, press and editorial content translations.

I am now able to adapt particularly rich know-how and knowledge to your need.

Linguistic competences
> Building and updating a glossary tailored according to your activity and        company terminology

> Documentation collected from specific existing elements

> General-purpose and specialized dictionaries

> Carefully-written text in the target language, in a style adapted to your          business sector

Only one contact perfectly aware of your needs

Technical competences
> Personal researches on your business to know about its components and        processes

> Fast contact with your company for potential adjustments during a project

> Tracking of technological evolutions

> Only one person always there for you

> Mastery of development syntaxes
, such as HTML, XML, JavaScript, C and VB.NET (see translated books), for an optimum localization of your software and Web sites

Sustainable translation All the advantages connected to the permanent "presence" the translator provides you by reading and translating your documents in a long term collaboration lead to a quality relationship between the professional and his client; these criteria defining the real practice of a sustainable translation.