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Every word is a word to convince.

When I'm asked about my job, people almost constantly mention this "Made-in-Taiwan" pocket alarm-clock they bought and its poorly translated user’s manual. Most of the time, they do not know how to operate the device because "it is not correctly explained".

A translated documentation is not just secondary matter. It must reflect the quality of the product it comes with.

No company wants its brand image to become famous for grammar or spelling mistakes, and confusing explanations (which are at best, laughed at).

And when it comes to more sophisticated equipment, on a larger scale, here is food for thought: computer manufacturer Allen-Bradley rewrote computer manuals in clear English and reduced helpdesk calls by 99%. Support calls went from 50 a day to two a month. 

A poorly translated documentation is a hindrance in the after-sales lifecycle of a product.

Moreover, marketing and advertising brochures are not just to be translated clearly to plainly "explain things". They are there to convince your customers, to leverage the power of words, to give you a firm competitive edge... So that every word is a word to convince. To convince both prospective and loyal customers.

It will be my pleasure to establish a partnership with your company in this way. You will find a lot of useful information here about my service offerings and about my vision of a sustainable translation
. I'll be glad to answer to any further questions.

Best regards,

Tristan Kottelanne
                                                          Professional translator

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